Success: NSW Ambulance Amends Protocol For Adrenal Insufficiency.

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  1. It is shocking that paramedics and medical personnel lack knowledge of adrenal insufficiency and even when asked, they do not provide this lifesaving medication. Giving a shot of hydrocortisone is much cheaper for the government than treating an adrenal crisis.
    Many of the symptoms dwritten on the protocol could be contributed to other diseases and therefore, how would an ambulance officer know whether it is a crisis or not? Also, what happens when the patient is unconscious or unable to respond? All adrenal insufficiency patients should get hydrocortisone immediately in the hospital or ER as stress management to ward off a crisis. Warding off a crisis would be cheaper for the government, easier on staff and safer for the patient. A protocol that provides hydrocortisone only in a crisis shows that it’s authors had no clear knowledge of adrenal insufficiency. Any one who requires an ambulance or evaluation in an ER should get stress dosed immediately as those patients are already under stress and require extra cortisone.

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